The Pursuit of Tapyness

Started with a conversation and created a CX revolution 


In the beginning

Tapyness is the offspring of tech startup veterans who combine digital ingenuity with the sensibility of everyday consumers. As consumers, they noticed the gap between what was happening in their daily interactions with service providers, and what existing consumer survey methodologies were actually capable of capturing.

After talking with a restaurant industry veteran, their initial goal was to develop an easy-to-use, rapidly deployable customer feedback system that would overcome problems inherent to existing survey systems in the food and beverage industry: low participation rates, lack of privacy, high consultancy fees, and slow reporting. They knew that if the simple, inexpensive, self-service system they had in mind could get just a ten percent customer response rate, they would blow away existing competitors and disrupt the industry.

Little did they know how easy that threshold would be to exceed with the right technology.

Love at first tap

Restaurant patrons responded quickly and enthusiastically to the simplicity and speed of tapping their satisfaction levels and specifying the cause of any dissatisfaction before they’d even finished their after-dinner mint. Without elaborate questions to read or complicated rating scales to figure out—and absolutely no one begging them—25% to 75% of all customers shared their honest feelings, confident that their feedback was completely anonymous.

And managers loved the ease of deployment, immediacy of reporting, and real-time data stream that not only allowed them to quickly identify and fix a problem, but compare performance between time periods, locations, pricing setups, staffing configurations, and any other variable they could imagine. The data they were collecting was raw and unfiltered by third parties, but instantly comprehensible and easy to apply to real-world problems. Once Tapyness was in place, they said, the thought of going without it was like driving blind.

Tapyness for all

Tapyness’s founders never dreamed how much data their system would collect, and soon realized its potential went far beyond food and drink. Unsolicited, unfiltered, spontaneous customer feedback could change everything for retail managers, customer service leaders, medical providers, hospitality managers, HR specialists, customer service groups, and educators.  

So what started out as a simple foray into one industry soon became a solution for any industry where customer insight is important—which means every industry. In fact, anywhere humans interact, there’s a need to measure the experience and improve the effectiveness of what they’re trying to achieve. A need for Tapyness.

Customer insight on tap

As Tapyness evolves, the minds behind it are driven to address the ever-changing needs of you, their customer, with the same agility and responsiveness your own audiences demand. With its ability to help you solve problems and drive continuous improvement, Tapyness truly is “Customer Insight on Tap.”

Meet Tapyness

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Brent Flanders

Brent has been an entrepreneur for most of his life. As a startup founder and executive, he’s worked in fields as diverse as retail, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, and software. Across the spectrum of companies he’s helped build, Brent says he’s observed that “the common denominator to success is the desire to provide innovative and exceptional customer service.” As he launches yet another technology venture, Tapyness, he says, “What I've learned is that nothing exceeds experience; not degrees, titles, or credentials. To be a successful pioneer, you must have a vision, be passionate about it, build an exceptional team, and empower them to win. The journey will be incredible!”


Matthew Korte

Matthew is a veteran of numerous software startups. His experience spans the technology marketing and user experience arenas, with stints as an art director, creative director, marketing strategist, and UI/UX designer for companies like Microsoft and Smartsheet. As founder of his own product marketing consultancy. Matthew has worked with both startups and established organizations to develop brands and help them “design-think” their way to growth and innovation. With his broad user experience background, he always understood the potential of the right product to transform the burgeoning field of customer feedback management. In founding Tapyness, all of his previous experiences come together to bridge the gaps and strengthen the ties between product design, user experience and marketing.