The pursuit of Tapyness




100% organic, no additives or preservatives – Kansas City original 

Tapyness is the offspring of tech startup veterans who combine digital ingenuity with the sensibility of everyday consumers. As consumers, they noticed the gap between what was happening in their daily interactions with service providers, and what existing consumer survey methodologies were actually capable of capturing. Determined to give retail managers, customer service leaders, HR specialists, and even teachers more timely and useable feedback, they applied their technology experience to develop Tapyness.

Now, this seasoned management team blends their own experiences as consumers with input from leading service providers to support and refine Tapyness. As Tapyness evolves, they’re driven to address the ever-changing needs of you, their customers, with the same agility and responsiveness your own audiences demand. With its ability to help you solve problems and drive continuous improvement, Tapyness truly is “Customer Insight on Tap.”