Gain more with less


We’ve all heard it. From management to spouses.  Perhaps even you’ve said it a time or two:

Do more with less

Typically that phrase has a negative connotation, but not at Tapyness. We’ve embraced it and have taken a completely different approach to its sentiment. We wholeheartedly believe you CAN do more with less and therefore have altered the phrase inside our own four walls to read: “Gain More with Less.”   

By asking your customers less, you gain more responses.

  • By asking your customers for less of their time AND fewer questions, you gain even more responses.

  • By asking your customers less about themselves, you gain more of their trust.

  • By asking your customers for feedback immediately after their experience, you gain more emotional, in-context insights.

Our society is more dynamic than ever, and as operators we need access to fresh, relevant customer experience data that keeps pace with the speed of today’s businesses.  

Imagine this: One of our clients had done a blanket ten percent price increase on the majority of their menu items. The management team was hyper-vigilant about their customers’ potential sensitivity towards the brand’s perceived menu value.

During the week of the initial price increase, the management team monitored Tapyness feedback on a shift-by-shift basis, wanting to gauge the customer’s pulse on value. The typical balance of good and great taps were piling up; however, when they drilled down into the bad taps, they found that the majority of those bad taps were geared towards service, not value.  

A quick drill-down into the timing of the bad-service taps showed the leadership team that customers were consistently not happy between 3 pm and 5 pm. Having a hunch that the crew was focused more on the prep-work rather than customers during shift change, the management team sent in secret shoppers and brand ambassadors during the shift-change day parts to get a qualitative understanding of what was going on.  

Their suspicions were confirmed, and the team created a quick spot program to realign and focus efforts on the customer experience during susceptible times and reduced bad service taps by over 80 percent in the coming weeks.  

All of this insight happened in a span of three weeks, a feat that would have taken their traditional customer experience platform partners more the 60 days to compile the data to even begin to understand what the root problem might be.  

Think of Tapyness taps’ similarity to social media. I’m sure you have at least one account, be it Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. We as social media users essentially “tap” an emotional survey response with every like, love and retweet of a post on our social feeds. Talk about less is more for marketers!With the immediacy of knowing how well its customers enjoyed a social post/campaign, marketing and brand managers can instantly gain consumer insights in a fraction of the time it takes traditional marketing research methodologies. Think of Tapyness as social media platform for the operations within your four walls. Taps are quick, emotional, in-context and allow you as a manager to react at the speed today’s marketplace demands.

The hospitality business has never been more competitive, margins never more vulnerable and customers never expecting more. So don’t cringe the next time you hear “do more with less” but rather embrace it, knowing that today’s successful enterprises have learned to “gain more with less.”  






Josh Mochel