De-identified data?

How de-identified data adds value to your big data cloud

Ever wonder why your customers do not provide feedback about your business, service oriented or otherwise?

Today, customers are more than ever concerned about their personal information and whether or not it's secure (or hackable). Add to this, customers simply do not like surveys.

Tapyness solves these issues in a number of ways.

  • Tapyness makes registering your opinion as simple as reading a few words and reaching out to touch a screen
  • It's a short question with a simple interface making the interaction unintimidating and utterly intuitive
  • Taking only a few seconds, customers will share their experience while the interaction is still fresh
  • The anonymity of Tapyness, sheltered from the eyes of staff or management, makes customers more likely to participate, and be honest about how they feel
  • With Tapyness, no personal data is collected, period

If Tapyness does not become your only customer feedback platform, it should be, at minimum, a platform that validates your existing ones.

brent flanders