Why are you paying customers for their feedback?

The following sums up job #1 for a brand. Anything beyond this to gain a customer’s loyalty is simply unnecessary and potentially problematic.

 - provide a service or product that fits a consumer’s needs
 - convert browsing consumers to a paying customers
 - make the experience so rewarding, they return
 - ensure they become referrers, not detractors, from the experience
 - actively ask for their feedback, without hassling them
 - utilize their feedback to improve - focus on the details
 - thank them for their feedback by taking action
 - post the actions taken via signage, social media, etc.
 - iterate, go back to step 1

Simple right? Not so fast. A few methods brands use to gain loyalty, above and beyond job #1. From the simplest;

  • buy 10 coffees, get one free — reward via a simple punch card

To those that appeal to a customer’s sense of convenience requiring them to give up their time and identity;

  • download app, enter personal info — they get a discount + they're tracked

  • enter PIN at checkout — they receive gasoline discount + they're tracked

  • use app when purchasing — their habits are recorded + they're tracked

  • receive a survey — expend 15 minutes of their valuable time + they're tracked

  • complete a comment card with an email address — they get a cookie + they're tracked


A brand should be building trust with consumers, period. Not paying them to consume their products or services by asking them to pay with their valuable time to take a survey or expose their identity.

It’s quite simple, see job #1.

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