Enhancing your brand + building trust with de-identified CX data

Question: Why does a brand perceive it has to identify a customer to gain insight from their experience?

Answer: They are existing on a legacy highway with a cliff straight ahead.

The real question is why brands are so infatuated with the notion of identification in an era when consumers do not want to be identified - see the subhead.


The problem, consider:
What are consumers thinking as they pass through your doors - in then out?
Did they make a purchase, If so will you attempt to survey them?
If you survey them, how much personal information will you request?
What is your survey response rate and what is the demographic completing them?
If they did not purchase, how will you attempt to understand their experience?

The answer, align with society:
Implement a user-friendly feedback platform - be frictionless
Use an inviting/stimulating question, requiring a simple tap - easy to understand
Gather unbiased in context feedback - without a hassle
Do not require personal information - no data breach liability for the brand
Build trust with your customers - gain loyalty

An opportunity to act:
Having more CX information than you've ever had, what would you do with this new knowledge?

Every ounce of feedback is priceless, with or without customer identification.
It's important to understand - you don't know what you don't know - about your customers.