A simple tap is all it takes 

Understand customers without hassle 


Build trust, acquire honest feedback

What good are surveys if few people take them? Why should customers pay you with their time to take a survey? And what demographic is actually willing to complete a survey, to ultimately be identified? The answers are clear; very little, they shouldn't and not millennials for sure. 

Furthermore, why should only visitors who purchase have a say? Tapyness captures exponentially more data than typical surveys and invites those consumers who are “just looking” to participate. With unparalleled response rates, gain insight into what's working and what's not.

While simplicity is a core tenet of Tapyness, it should not be confused as an immature or simple platform. Tapyness was developed, tested and iterated in the real-world utilizing “design thinking” to guide all decisions. This process ensured that Tapyness was made on future customers desires instead of relying on outmoded data or making risky bets on instinct instead of evidence.

Show customers you care. Install a Tapyness kiosk and invite them to tap their opinion. The elegant interface lets customers know, with a simple tap their voice is heard and their identity has not been compromised.


Voice of the consumer

Turn visitors into customers

Not everyone that walks into your establishment becomes a customer. Traditional feedback and survey platforms unintentionally ignore these individuals by design. It's imperative to understand the pulse of all of the traffic that passes through, not just those that purchase. Easily evaluate factors that may help convert the browsers into buyers - give them a voice.