CX measurement in context

Unbiased data in real-time


Show you care

The presence of a Tapyness kiosk in your place of business politely asking for a visitors opinion, even if they don't plan on buying, shows how much you care about making their next visit worthwhile. Tapyness captures expectations, preferences and aversions - specifically a detailed set of their wants and needs. Accurately gathering this "voice of customer" allows for strategic and tactical adjustments, enhancing your reputation and reducing customer churn. Tapyness provides the information required to solve specific problems - before they hit social media.

Entice, then capture

People expect a social media framework to capture their emotion for anything; see it, press it, post. Current surveys are cumbersome and time consuming. Few consumers are willing to give five minutes to complete a survey. Using social media as an example, when someone presses “Like” on a post, they are in fact voting. They are expressing their opinion in the moment, in context, right then. Align with the expectations of our on demand society and they’ll participate or forget it.

To see is to understand

It's imperative to understand - in real-time - what customers perceive about their experience. Experts in the field of customer experience know you get one chance with a customer to make an impression. If the experience fails to meet their expectations, the business may not get a second chance. Measuring satisfaction must be a dynamic, real-time process. As survey response rates rapidly decline, critical decisions are made based on smaller and smaller sets of outmoded data. See how a majority your customers "feel" right now.

Act, it's up to you

Listening to customers is critical, it's equally important to recognize this is the starting point. Your industry, company, customers and competition aren't sitting still and neither can you. Leverage the breadth of ongoing customer feedback provided by Tapyness to continually improve. Monitor, take action, share with employees - improving the experience for your customers is a team effort.