Understand customers without compromising them


The Customer Journey - overused paradigm or significantly important?

Customer journey mapping empowers brick and mortar organizations to make value-driven decisions based on the customer experience. 

Understanding the customer experience is essential, however, methods to capture CX data are typically invasive on a person's identity. Brick and mortar customer journey mapping identifies critical opportunity areas and measuring key performance indicators provides the basis for making these maps actionable.

Qualitative research can be conducted with small sample sizes, whereas quantitative research requires a large sample size to enhance confidence in the insight. Integrating quantitative CX metrics into your journey map is vital for measuring CX initiatives. CX journey map metrics should include a customer satisfaction measurement, customer loyalty measurement, NPS and quantitative customer experience assessments at specific touchpoints.

Tapyness separates itself from our competitors by collecting CX data at unparalleled rates, providing real-time insight without being invasive. These data insights map customer trends that build a story enabling you to understand areas for improvement.


More data = More understanding

  • Real-time capture with sophisticated logic

  • Elegant user experience, both simple and frictionless

  • Data captured at 100x of typical CX survey platforms

A storm of actionable CX data

  • Capturing data at scale, yielding insight with confidence

  • Trends provide actionable insight leading to CX improvement initiatives 

  • Data from the macro to the micro provides the ability to iterate CX touchpoint kiosks for deeper understanding