Micro data, macro impact

There are many facets to a successful interaction with customers, patients, students, or employees, but ultimately all that matters—the gold standard— is how someone rates the overall experience. Tapyness has already proven to be the ultimate solution for capturing and interpreting customer feedback in real time—with rates of participation that other survey methods can only dream about! Here’s how Tapyness customers are meeting their goals for assessing service-delivery problems and continuous improvement.


Susan B. Anthony Middle School: Education  

Being able to assess our students understanding of the project, from class to class, is invaluable
— Stacy Harris / 8th Grade Science Teacher

Kollhoff Pharmacies: Independent pharmacies

Assisting our patients in achieving their overall health goals is our primary mission. Tapyness helped us focus on key servicing areas to ensure we meet our objectives.
— John Kollhoff, Pharmacist / Owner

5 Bar and Table: A unique bar, music, and local art experience

Tapyness has provided actionable insight from the moment we installed it. To be able to view our customers’ feedback, as it happens, has never been achievable. The percentage of customers that provide feedback on the Tapyness platform vs. all other surveys we’ve tried is truly amazing.
— Nick Wysong, Chef / Owner

Milton’s Downtown Cafe: Breakfast with community and conversation

With Tapyness, we’ve been able to gather our customers’ feedback like never before. We’re getting greater than 15% of our customers providing direct feedback that we’re able to use to improve their experience!
— David Lewis, Owner