Happy employees, Happy customers

Proven fact, how is your culture


Trust yields reward

Employees lack trust and are typically not completely honest when completing HR surveys. Enter Tapyness. By acquiring a spontaneous, anonymous and continuous pulse of employee sentiment find out what’s working and what’s not.  Tapyness demonstrates you value their opinion while building trust.

Understand the pulse of your team, take action before small problems become big ones and have a direct impact on your customers' satisfaction.


Place a Tapyness kiosk in an employee gathering space such as lounge, cafe or breakroom and you will immediately change the workplace dynamic. Asking a question such as "How is your day going?" will clearly demonstrate you value their opinion. The feedback is anonymous so they can be honest. With Tapyness invite them to provide the feedback you need.


There's nothing more rewarding than feeling respected, that what you say or do actually matters. In the workplace this is more important than ever. Business leaders often say their most important asset is their employees - do employees actually believe that? Asking for open and honest feedback is a first step in bridging the trust gap between those in the "ivory tower" and those on the front lines.


After demonstrating your business cares enough to ask employees for unfiltered feedback - without fear of retribution -  the most important step remains, taking action. Acting on this feedback closes the loop and begins to build a solid foundation of trust between leadership and the staff.