real-time feedback creates proactive customer experience  


Strength in numbers - real-time consumer experience = real-time understanding 

Anywhere people gather, you have an opportunity to create happiness, build loyalty, shine in social media, and cross-market relevant products and services.

From conventions to concerts, churches to club events, Tapyness helps you understand how the event or gathering is going in real time. With its simple, fast, anonymous, and non-coercive interface, Tapyness drives high rates of participation and gives you the solid data you need to spot and troubleshoot problems, ensure you’re delivering what your audience came for, and uncover connections between personnel, environment, performances, amenities, and more.


Customer Experience

The Tapyness customer feedback management (CFM) platform offers an unobtrusive, anonymous way to gauge event visitor opinion while their experience is still fresh. With its frictionless customer experience assessment and ability to relate that measure to your employees’ ever-changing sentiment, you’ll get unparalleled rates of participation to know, in real time, what’s working and what’s not. In fact, the very presence of a Tapyness kiosk in your event location, politely asking for your visitors’ opinion even if they don't plan on buying, shows how much you care about making their visit worthwhile and your events better.


Employee Satisfaction

How can you reduce turnover and improve satisfaction for employees and customers? Give your employees (or temporary event workers) a voice with Tapyness. As the event progresses, you can get feedback on a variety of factors, from their general mood and engagement to their confidence in leadership, and the impact of safety and environmental elements. Real-time, anonymous feedback is a powerful tool to identify root causes of both discontent and satisfaction among your employees, a way to show you value their opinion, and an important metric you can easily compare with customer experience in real time or later.


Product Awareness

Tapyness lets you frame product, service, or offer information as survey questions, a capability that allows you to both measure and educate. You’ll learn how well your marketing programs and internal communications are working, while propagating new ideas that build awareness among customers and employees about new products and initiatives without “adsy” pushiness. Making multiple impressions in relevant locations that your target audiences frequent means your messages will stick, whether those walking past choose to tap or not.