Objective data or influenced feedback


Businesses have two options; ask customers for unbiased feedback or incentivize them to win a reward. Which of these provides objective, actionable information to help your business succeed - Tapyness believes it's obvious. Providing a simple yet elegant interface, Tapyness stimulates your audience to leave honest, in context feedback from the experience they just encountered. Be honest, build trust with your customers.


Empathy + Honesty

  • Tapyness shows customers a business cares

  • Standalone kiosks captures raw emotional data, in context

  • Embedded technology optimizes the delivery of clean data

  • Honest feedback, not gamed, while showing empathy

Transparency + Trust

  • Never incentivized, only pure anonymous feedback

  • By simply asking, customers trust the business motives

  • Action taken from the data creates a bond, that's real loyalty

  • Loyalty that cannot be bought