Ask for an honest opinion + build trust


We started with a simple premise, would placing kiosks in brick and mortar - with a universally accepted tablet interface - actually capture in context customer experience data in volume?

The answer is a resounding YES!

Tapyness captures an unparalleled volume of consumer feedback in a nearly frictionless fashion. The ultra-clean data acquired is non-incentivized, unbiased, non-curated and never requires a transaction. A true in context opinion, captured without requiring the need for the exposure of personal information, visible in real-time.



We take personal privacy and data security seriously, never asking for identifying credentials with all data transmitted via industry standard encryption.    

  • A simple tap provides the feedback, no loyalty ID, phone or email required

  • Data transmission encrypted from kiosk to cloud

  • Performance, security and reliability based on the Google Cloud Platform  


The Tapyness platform provides the ability to build an honest 1 to 1 relationship with your customers.

  • Shows customers you care about their experience by asking for an honest opinion

  • Never gamed or incentivised, clean unfiltered data

  • Direct feedback from consumers passing through your establishment


Real-time data enables brands to be informed from headquarters to the frontline. Identify weaknesses and reinforce strengths without the latency of data from social channels or survey company readouts.

  • Capture data in context and truly visualize CX in the moment

  • Engage your staff with insight directly from the consumers' perspective

  • Enable your frontline with micro-specific information