New offering. Will it succeed?

Marketing impressions and opinion collection combined


Push and Pull

Market a new product or service while measuring how it resonates, immediately. Educate, promote and build awareness - to customers and employees - without “adsy” pushiness.

Placed in targeted locations, Tapyness provides extremely high impression rates. Whether those walking past choose to tap or not, the messaging will stick.


Being in charge of Marketing is rewarding, being in charge of the Marketing budget can be daunting. It's essential to know if the marketing spend - essentially a gamble - is working. With a Tapyness kiosk strategically placed near a product demonstration or in a high traffic area, ask:

  • How is today's Deli sample?
  • Do you prefer A or B service?
  • Are your a loyalty rewards member?"


Whether placed near a product demonstration or where consumers pass through in high volume, a simple tap provides vital insight.

  • Are you promoting the wrong brand of turkey?
  • Is the evolution of our service going in the wrong direction?
  • Are you not spending enough on social media to acquire loyalty program members?

Market to and obtain from consumers - precision information - simultaneously.


Finally, with Tapyness you're able to record enough consumer insight to make informed decisions. Whether for service recovery, tactical adjustments or to influence long-term strategy - you have a direct understanding of the individuals that pass through your doors.