How it Works

Three steps to use, three choices per question . . . endless insights when you tap into timely consumer sentiment that’s spontaneous, anonymous, and ready to act on. Here’s all you do:



The Tapyness interface is fully customizable, and easy to change as your need for knowing changes. Our browser-based interface lets you configure what customers see on all your Taypness kiosks in both content and style, including colors, icons, text and second-level options.




Install the Tapyness kiosk in a strategic location, such as a retail exit, to get as close to the audience's experience as possible. In seconds, customers, students, or employees can simply tap their “vote” to express how they feel about their experience right now, while remaining completely anonymous.




Launch the Tapyness dashboard on your smartphone, tablet, or computer and get vital, real-time information about your customer, students, or employees at a glance. Quickly gauge current sentiment, identify root causes of dissatisfaction, and spot trends by date, time, or even kiosk location.