Real-time capture delivers real-time insight


“If you ain’t first, you’re last” - Ricky Bobby

While a funny movie quote, there is a direct analogy to business. If you're waiting on data to make intelligent, informed decisions - you're going to be last. Tapyness provides a live datastream of honest feedback - as it happens. With Tapyness data at your disposal, the ability to act in real-time is achievable.



Dashboards + Reports

  • Instant understanding from the Tapyness dashboard

  • Analytics with complex queries available for deep insight

  • Automatic reports provide a monthly, weekly or daily snapshot  

  • Real-time (data + insights) = new servicing paradigm

Alerts | Fix + Reward

  • Algorithmic thresholds send alerts based on brand preferences

  • Alerts enable immediate engagement for service recovery

  • Management empowered to reward staff for excellence

  • Be notified to improve or reward, in-the-moment