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College and graduate school are among the biggest investments a family can make, but how can an educational institution confirm that they’re really delivering value? If the traditions of academia have kept the higher-ed sector from experiencing the scrutiny and pressures of market competition that every other industry is subject to, there have been very few tools available to uncover areas of strength and weakness.


Tapyness in action:


Example applications / installations:

  • Classes / Courses

  • Lectures

  • Presentations

  • Dorm facilities  

  • Library  

  • Sporting events  

  • Administrative services

  • Anywhere

Example attributes to measure:

  • Overall experience

  • Cleanliness of the facility

  • Food quality

  • Service quality

  • Launch of a new program

  • Freshman onboarding

By subjecting every aspect of college/university life to review and measurement, Tapyness captures the real-time pulse of the student experience and offers a degree of understanding that can give any higher education user advanced training in continuous improvement.