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Online portals that aggregate and rate employee opinion on every conceivable measure are the modern reality for any organization seeking the best and brightest. Credible, well-articulated employee opinions anyone can read are a form of workplace transparency and digital emancipation you can’t censor, suppress, or buy a time machine to reverse.


Tapyness in action:


Example applications / installations:

  • Exit points

  • Bathrooms

  • Elevators  

  • Conference rooms  

  • Break rooms / employee lounge  

  • Anywhere

Example attributes to measure:

  • Meeting value

  • Amenities quality

  • Daily mood

  • Confidence in leadership

  • Culture

  • Engagement with work

Skilled talent goes where it’s treated well. That’s why it’s so critical to employ Tapyness for meetings, interviews, and daily workforce sentiment analysis. Real-time feedback from our customer feedback management (CFM) platform is a powerful tool to identify root causes of both discontent and satisfaction in your culture . . . the information you need to keep improving.