Solutions | K-12 

In the olden days, teachers taught what they had to, in the way that they wanted, and you took it as served, or else. In today’s customer-centric, data-driven world, even classrooms have gotten a dose of real-time customer feedback, with the most progressive schools and educators monitoring their students’ (and parents’) reaction in real time. You need frank, anonymous feedback to iterate and improve both your content and your methods for the shared goal of greater understanding and inspiration.


Tapyness in action:


Example applications / installations:

  • Classes / courses

  • PTA meetings

  • Library

  • Science lab

  • Sports/athletic facilities/events

  • Cultural/community events

  • Anywhere

Example attributes to measure:

  • Overall experience

  • Cleanliness of the facility

  • Food quality

  • Service quality

  • Instructional satisfaction

  • Administrative responsiveness

  • Launch of a new program

Understanding is the key to any successful education, and bringing Tapyness into their customer experience (CX) strategy helps school staff and administration to quickly assess and comprehend how well they’re fulfilling their important commitments to students and parents.