Solutions | Restaurants

Whether it’s a power breakfast, coffee time, or a special evening out, customers have unique expectations and quickly form opinions that can make or break their loyalty. But traditional post-visit surveys have low completion rates and get follow-through from only a certain type of customer.


Tapyness in action:


Example applications / installations:

  • Exit points

  • Host stations

  • Bars

  • Bathrooms

  • Elevators

  • Anywhere

Example attributes to measure:

  • Overall experience

  • Cleanliness of the facility

  • Food quality

  • Service quality

  • Launch of a new menu

  • Evaluation of a current promotion

As the customer experience (CX) platform that captures more real-time data than any other, Tapyness helps you get a true cross-section of opinion of almost everyone who walks through your door, with minimal effort and the anonymity that supports candor.