The Customer Experience


The tapyness kiosk

The Tapyness difference begins with the kiosk

The Tapyness kiosk is placed at the optimal exit point of customer traffic

This provides the business with high traffic volume and the customer the ability to vote on their experience immediately, anonymously and in context

The kiosk is fully customizable; from the color scheme, icons, text and second level options

Customers simply tap and go


A customer has the ability to vote on their experience, in a social media format, and move on

No hassle with complete anonymity

From "Bad" to "Good" to "Great" or any three options deemed appropriate by the business

The buttons include text and icons, text only or icons only

The branding and color scheme can be brand specific

Votes are recorded to the millisecond

new tapyness great tap.png

THE impact

Well known experts in the field of customer experience know you get one chance with a customer to make an impression

If the customers' experience does not meet their expectation, the business or brand will suffer

A business or brand must know, in real-time, what customers think about their perceived experience - in context

A business does typically not get a second chance

identify the problem

“If I had an hour to solve a problem, I’d spend 55 minutes thinking about the problem and 5 minutes thinking about solutions.” - Albert Einstein

While businesses dread bad survey results, the reality is by the time the business analyzes the data - it's stale

Traditional survey platforms do not provide the agility to view customers' feedback gathered "in context" nor in "real-time"

This presents a real issue, a majority of solving the problem is IDENTIFYING the problem

If Einstein had Tapyness, he would not have needed the 55 minutes, just as businesses do not today

Businesses are able to identify the customer experience gaps perceived, in-context

Realtime analytics provided by Tapyness