Tapyness in Action : Visualize and Drive Improvement

From the classroom, back office or across the globe, visualize what your audience is experiencing in realtime

Launch Tapyness on your smartphone, tablet or computer and you're presented with vital information at a glance

Key Elements

"Thermometer bar"showing % Bad vs. Good. vs. Great votes

Trend arrows for each vote type vs. daily average

Today's survey total

Yesterday's survey total

Daily survey averages

If multiple locations / kiosks exist, they will appear in the header for easy navigation


What was Bad?

Click the "Thermometer bar" for a quick breakdown of "What was Bad"

Click the Customers button (customizable for audience, students, etc.) to add the total audience count to show survey response rates

Click the Analytics button, to reveal the in-depth dashboards

Actionable insight

Incredible response rates