Employee Engagement


The tapyness kiosk

You want to take your employee's pulse, but how?

Checkout our non-survey style feedback platform. The Tapyness difference is immediately apparent

Place Tapyness in your employee lounge, workout facility or in-house food/beverage shop and allow your staff to provide unfiltered, anonymous feedback - in the context of their day

Just a tap, no hassle. You get insight, never before obtained to create the culture you must have to retain top talent


Your employees are presented with a simple, emotional evoking question

This example asks, "How Was Your Day"

With example choices "Stressful, Good, Fantastic"

Employees get to tell you exactly how they feel in-context, anonymously

The vote buttons are uniquely created to address your business

new tapyness great tap.png

THE impact

Your employees are you most valuable asset

The question, how to retain them

The answer, figure out what motivates them

Use a global question or create a specific question as you test new engagement ideas

The choice is yours, but you must know how engaged you are with your staff

Your teams Pulse revealed

“Over 90% of employee engagement, motivation & productivity can be improved by the individual employee themselves – it’s just that until now most haven’t known how.”

This is where Tapyness comes in, provide your staff an ultra convenient platform to provide feedback, in the moment

Take that feedback, review it and incorporate new strategies to address gaps in your company's culture

To attract and retain the highest level of talent, culture and engagement must be a priority

As the most valuable asset, businesses should want to know how their staff is "feeling"

Realtime analytics provided by Tapyness