Tapyness + scoring
What does it mean?


What is the Tapyness score?

As Tapyness consumes massive amounts of CX + OSAT data in real-time, the platform yields a simple yet powerful performance score. This score is derived from a proprietary algorithm based on the following criteria; if a customer has a great experience they will tell two people (calculated as a promoter), if they have a good experience they will typically not tell anyone (calculated as a passive), if they have a poor experience they will tell 12 people (calculated as a detractor). The Tapyness score is built on a volume of data that far exceeds legacy survey response rates.

Net Promoter Score

For customers that need data put into NPS format, Tapyness has a simple and straightforward conversion process. Following thorough research and testing in the lab + field, feedback has shown the Tapyness rating scale to be superior to competitors. Simple, intuitive and frictionless data capture insures deep understanding of customer experience and satisfaction.


Tapyness Score

  • Real-time scoring that provides immediate understanding

  • Scores aggregate at the enterprise, region, store or kiosk level

  • Management and staff can focus on a single simple score

NPS Conversion

  • Tapyness data easily converted to NPS format

  • Track performance against legacy NPS reports

  • Easily integrate data into current systems and processes