You don't know what you don't know

It's time to figure it out


If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough - Albert Einstein

Launch the Tapyness application on your smartphone, tablet, or computer and there it is - for easy and immediate consumption - feedback captured in real-time in your four walls.

With a simple glance, see vital information directly from customers, visitors or employees. Visualizing their pulse in real-time allows areas of excellence or causes of dissatisfaction to be identified. Providing this level of understanding requires more than just capturing and totalling kiosk taps. Tapyness’ analytics provides real-time insight, custom aggregate reporting and a snapshot of the businesses overall health. Optionally, integrate Tapyness data into your current custom views - an enterprise dashboard, POS or CRM - to see the entire picture. Or if you prefer, easily export the data and use your business intelligence tools such as Tableau or Excel.


Micro data, macro understanding

Traditional CX approaches try to uncover every aspect of a customer’s opinions, but the participation rates are so low, and the time required to compile and report the data so long, that you can’t get a sense of what’s really happening right now.

Thanks to the speed, informality, and anonymity of its simple interface, Tapyness drives high rates of participation and provides continuous aggregate snapshots of customer (and even visitor) opinion in real time. Its live-grading system lets you monitor overall customer sentiment via a single, continuously updated value to let you know when something’s wrong and may require solving.

It’s like taking your organization’s pulse in real time.