Mission Control

Launch Tapyness on your smartphone, tablet or browser and you're presented with vital information at a glance. Whether you’re in the classroom, back office, or on the other side of the world, the Tapyness dashboard illustrates what your audience is experiencing in real time.


Key Elements

  • Thermometer bar with votes such as “Bad,” “Good,” and “Great”

  • Trend arrows for each vote type vs. daily average

  • Today's response total

  • Yesterday's response total

  • Daily response averages

  • If multiple locations / kiosks exist, they will appear in the header for easy navigation.

Analyzing root causes

  • Easily access a quick breakdown of "What was Bad"

  • “Customers” button (customizable for audience, students, etc.) lists the total audience count to show feedback response rates

  • Analytics button reveals in-depth dashboards

Actionable Insight - anywhere + anytime