Customer experience, satisfaction and loyalty


Voice of Customer, a term defining an intuitive process; capture customer information in context, analyze the data, create an action plan, implement and repeat - simple right? With the appropriate technology in place, it should be.

The first step is a crucial component of a VoC program, capturing customer information - the voice - in context. Tapyness provides brands with a significant advantage in this phase of the process, capturing up to a 100 fold increase in the interaction and response rates vs. legacy CX platforms.

Listen to your customers' voice in real-time. Understand the macro to micro with CX data captured and visualized in real-time. A brand can gain a significant advantage once the health of the organization from the backroom to the front door is understood.


Insight without a transaction

Tapyness captures all consumer sentiment, not just those that purchase.

  • Obtain raw, honest and unbiased feedback without requiring a transaction

  • Capture the customer experience without requiring customers to provide personal identification - and exposure

  • Establish trust with your customers while gaining a deeper understanding of their experience

With breadth comes depth   

An agile and configurable platform designed to deliver results without compromise.

  • Rapid, frictionless deployments allows brands to install as many kiosks as required

  • Acquire a breadth of microdata, iterate and have a depth of understanding 

  • Remote administration allows enterprise management, across the globe

More data = more understanding (period)

A platform that scales with your business, the more data the better

  • Response rates up to 100x of traditional CX surveys

  • Real-time data capture enables real-time understanding

  • Feed the machine, see the results