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Current survey platforms do not

  • Permit interpretation of (dis)satisfaction in-context
  • Illustrate how dissatisfaction translates into customer attrition and market damage
  • Identify the root cause of dissatisfaction
  • Assist in driving strategy and defining tactics for service improvement or recovery action
  • Provide a representative sample size, since response rates are so low
  • Acquire customer feedback painlessly, in realtime
  • Align with the social media response culture of today
  • Provide a holistic view of trends or easy-to-use business intelligence

Tapyness tenets

  • The overall experience is all that matters, the gold standard
  • Capturing an experience as it happens, usurps any post experience opinion
  • The impact on the individual to provide feedback should be quick, painless and anonymous
  • Results visible by minute, hour, day, month, etc. exceeds a single opinion or social media rant
  • The feedback about the business and experience, must be provided in realtime
  • Visualization of the data must be easily understood to implement improvement actions rapidly

The problem

Businesses are not acquiring quality satisfaction data because traditional survey methodologies do not match today’s consumer lifestyle. It’s simple, customers nor employees complete surveys.

Every question posed in a traditional survey is expensive, in terms of goodwill and loyalty. Furthermore, you can’t use these surveys to get a realtime picture as an experience unfolds. In the real world, views change per experience, thus the perceived performance of a business is always on trial. Measuring satisfaction must be a dynamic, realtime process.

Businesses waste time and money analyzing feedback that is stale, utilizing complex top box and net promoter methodologies. As survey response rates rapidly decline, operations are forced to make critical business decisions based on a smaller and smaller sets of outmoded data. 

Current surveys are cumbersome and time consuming. Few consumers are willing to give five minutes of their time to complete a survey. For those that will, the data collected is neither captured in-context or delivered to the business in realtime.

People now expect a social media framework to capture their emotion for anything; see it, press it, post. Using Facebook as an example, when someone presses “Like” on a post, they are in fact voting. They are expressing their opinion, in the moment, in-context, right then. This is the expectation today, serve it up in this fashion and they’ll participate or forget it.

Additionally, the investment to staff, setup, execute, tune and administer a traditional survey platform is significant. Not to mention, the analytics performed on the data lags significantly behind the actual experience. In many cases up to 90 days - if the survey platform is functioning properly and the operations team is adequately staffed with the appropriate expertise.

Even data analyzed within weeks is outmoded and the business is behind the curve to react and respond. A business must take advantage of services that accurately capture emotions, in the moment. A new, more agile methodology must be employed to allow a brand to adjust “on-the-fly”.

THE solution

The Tapyness non-survey platform.
Providing businesses access to customer or employee satisfaction in-context and in realtime. To get as close to the experience as possible, a Tapyness kiosk is installed at an appropriate traffic point. While remaining completely anonymous and without hassle, an individual simply taps their “vote”. The Tapyness methodology has proven to exponentially increase response rates over traditional methods. Most importantly for the business the Tapyness dashboard provides business intelligence in realtime, across all kiosks deployed.