Tapyness is driving the one-tap CX economy.   

Tapyness real-time response rates are 100 times more than typical customer experience surveys - there's no need to "scale" incremental percentages to build a validated voice of customer.   


The thinking, dreaming, bipedal organisms who inhabit your four walls encompass the full range of fears, biases, ideals, preoccupations, joys, and technical limitations of human existence. Here’s why Tapyness reaches so many of them, in so many ways that existing customer feedback platforms fail.




Tapyness makes registering your opinion as simple as reading a few words and reaching out to touch a screen. There’s no web page to load, no survey directions to follow. Its short questions and simple interface make interaction unintimidating and utterly intuitive, transforming the “survey fatigue” many people feel into a simple and inviting gesture of appreciation—or discontent.



Though you can place Tapyness kiosks anywhere, exits are ideal spots to capture sentiment as customers end their interaction with your business. Since Tapyness asks simple questions, and uses a visual interface to zero in on potential problems, customers are more likely to respond and share their experience at a cost of no more than seconds of attention while the interaction is still fresh.



It’s not unreasonable for tech-savvy customers to figure the data they leave behind in typical online surveys is being used to crack their identity, or  to “mark” them as disgruntled for reasons they can’t imagine as good. The anonymity of Tapyness kiosks, sheltered from the eyes of staff or management, makes customers more likely to participate, and be honest about how they feel.



That thing that happened, that thing you were really mad (or happy) about at the store? Remember how you were gonna write a letter, share it on social media, review the place online? Remember how you didn’t? Tapyness makes it easy for customers to share their opinions while the experience is still fresh in their minds.



A chance to win big prizes or a discount on future purchases might sound like a good way to drive survey participation, but many buyers feel manipulated and pressured when they see such commerce-oriented survey-completion gimmicks printed on their receipt. By comparison, the Tapyness kiosk strikes a lot of buyers as an almost neutral third-party customer experience auditor, soliciting their honest opinion with greater transparency and respect.



What works for you is ultimately what works for customers, by giving management immediate feedback about the effectiveness of nearly any human interaction. By giving you the data to identify problems and test the effectiveness of new customer experience ideas in one store or via A/B comparisons in more than one, you can improve and evolve how you operate in real time. Seeing Tapyness results as they flow in, and being able to spot trends as they develop, gives management an opportunity to solve problems right away, rather than waiting around for the periodic compilation of survey data.