Let human interaction drive digital CX transformation 


Digital technology is drastically changing the balance of influence between customers and companies. The world of CX measurement must be cognizant of this and continually be reinvented - with technology at the core - or watch as their industry is completely disrupted.

When technology is at the forefront of CX initiatives, both brands and customers win. By providing simpler, frictionless methods to acquire consumer feedback, technology provides organizations the ability to understand and enhance the customer experience -  in the moment.


Digital transformation, more than improving past methods

  • Collecting survey data the same way for 25 years will yield results that are decades old

  • Implement digital tools + measurement built for understanding aggregate CX data in real-time

  • Shift the paradigm and rethink the UX

  • Clean data = unbiased understanding

A CX platform built from the ground up on IoT

  • Vast amounts of micro CX interactions build a story

  • Honest feedback feeds deep analytics

  • Real-time data = real-time agility

  • Bridging the gap - online reviews in a brick and mortar world

  • Consumption based vs. contract based - all the data you can eat at an unparalleled value proposition

CX measurement that puts the customer first

  • Technology that doesn’t interfere with a great customer experience

  • No identification required, build trust with your customer

  • Hassle-free, frictionless CX capture

  • A CX platform that provides feedback directly to management without filtering or need for interpretation